Tips When Planning To Move Interstate

Moving Interstate

Preparation Is The Key To Success!

When planning to move from state to state, there are some of the important things that you should consider. These things will ensure that you end up having quality services from the help from a reliable removals company that offer interstate removalist services. When you find  the right company that can help you with your interstate relocation never be afraid to ask for advice or tips for preparation, your preparation will help them pack and unpack faster and will probably save you money!

1. Finding a Reliable Company

The first important step for anyone who intends to relocate to a new area, is to do research and get quotes for local removalists and ask lot’s of questions about what is included in the price.. How do you find a company? Nowadays most people use Google to find local businesses, you can also try local directories like the Yellow Pages, Hot Frog,True Local and Local BD. Another great way to find a reliable company is word of mouth, Ask your friends and family if they have used any companies in the past year or so and what their experience was, more often than not, they would of heard of a good removals company in the area.

Make sure that you ask everything that you need to know from them to avoid having irrelevant issues that you did not take care of from day one. Never shy away from questions, moving interstate is a big decision and you want it to go as smoothly as possible and no one wants any nasty surprises or extra charges you didn’t budget for. If you feel like you need extra persuasion, you can always ask for referrals if they don’t show any on their website.

Once you have asked your questions and compared quotes you can go ahead and choose the company you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t always come down to the best priced company either. You want to check how much experience a company has and if they do regular interstate runs.

2. Check The Paperwork & Insurance Terms

Since moving interstate is not a short distance, some companies will require you to sign their insurance certificates to show that you are the one who gave them the mandate to move your goods from one state to the other. This certificate is very important and this is a good thing. Make sure to take time to check what the insurance covers, fire, theft, accidents, water damage, are 4 key points to look for in an insurance certificate.

3. Pre Arrange Your Destination

If your moving your belongings before you can move into your new house then you may want to find a good self storage company. Your removalist may be able to help you secure some good deals on storage facilities close to where you are moving too. There storage options available are abundant;  from small self storage areas from 1m x 1m for about $50 – $100 a month (depending on the supplier) right through to large shipping containers and even warehouses than can range from $250 – $1000 a month or more. Be sure to do your research and check that the facilities have good security including 24 hour security guards and cctv monitoring.

4. Packing

As we mentioned earlier, preparation is the key to success! This starts with packing your goods and furniture into
moving boxes or wrapping things securely. Remember to mark your boxes and write on the outside of them what is inside, this helps unpacking at the other end and can save allot of time. Many companies offer both new and used boxes, some will also offer free boxes if you spend a certain amount of money on your move. These will normally need to be returned once the job is finished so just check whether you are allowed to write on them, if not another option is using masking tape or stickers as labels.

5. Relax and Let The Professionals Do Their Work

Once you have packed your furniture chosen your company, secured your storage facilities then most of the work is done. Although moving can be stressful for us all, if you find the right removalist then they can make your life allot easier and you should be able to relax knowing your goods are in good hands.

We hope this has been a helpful guide and has given you valuable tips and advice for your interstate move.

Remember: Good Preparation is the key to success!