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That’s right! We will give you 10 Free Moving Boxes with any move booked with us for 3 hours or more.


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Great Savings with our Cheap Gold Coast Removals Service

Whether you are moving, relocating or simply just clearing bulky items, there is no need to spend a fortune to hire someone to do the job for you. We offer affordable solutions to suit everyone’s wallet, together with the vast experience and credentials required to give you the best possible service imaginable!

Depending on the distance, number of items and weight, we can provide a quotation which will compare competitively with the other cheap removals quotes in the Gold Coast area. We have been around long enough to understand the intricate nature of removals and the tedious planning it involves, but we also understand the importance of a cheap deal (without avoiding the quality of a good removals service). Now, it is as simple as giving us a call or sending us an e-mail and we can meet with you onsite to discuss your every need, whilst also answering any questions or enquiries that you might have regarding your move. Every aspect of the furniture removal process is covered by us, but this does not mean that you cannot manage any vital part of the operation, such as packing, for example. Our suggestions and advice are based on what is best for you and we offer a number of alternative options, just in case you are unsure about any proposal we suggest. We pride ourselves on offering great deals at affordable prices with all our cheap removal offers on the Gold Coast.

What might seem as an impossible task can easily be converted into a job entailing the use of just 2 of our qualified removalists, together with a removals truck, with the capacity to fit 5 tons of goods. The fewer staff employed and the smaller the truck, the lower the cost will be for you. In some cases there is no need to call in the entire cavalry! Our Gold Coast team are confident in provided an unmatched removal services for a great price! For all our cheap removals check out our latest deals section above.

Affordable Removal Deals are our Specialty

On the other hand, should you be moving the entire contents of your house, you will undoubtedly require a larger team of removalists, together with a bigger set of wheels – and tonnage! Although this prospect inspires your wallet to shudder, you should not be alarmed either as we also offer great discounts and cheap prices for removals, depending on the work involved. If you need us to manage the entire removal operation, then the discounts and cheap deals will be eve greater and the total amount more affordable. What’s more the responsibility for your belongings is now shifted entirely upon our shoulders, which is a great sigh of relief for your worst nightmares, when pondering about the effort and dangers involved when planning to go through it alone. No amount of bodies and muscle can substitute the professional and qualified Gold Coast removalists we employ to do the job right – at the right price.

There is no situation involving removals that we cannot tackle in an efficient and timely manner. To check out our cheapest prices simply check our budget deals section above and take advantage of any offer. For all your removal needs we invite you to contact us to see for yourself what we have to offer and the enthusiasm we show towards any new customer or project. We guarantee a commitment towards your belongings and towards you. We take a personal interest in every aspect of the task and will follow it through to the very end, until it is completed to your total satisfaction. Contact our Gold Coast Removals team now to learn more about our cheap removals services.

Affordable Removals by GC Removal

We offer a range of affordable and cheap removals services for Gold Coast families. We understand the economy is tough so we want to help take the burden from your wallet. Check out our latest deals above and call us now to make your booking!