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Relocating Your Office

Office relocations can pose certain risks to any business, due to the extended downtime during the packing/unpacking, handling and delivery process. Unless carefully planned, office removals may impede business as usual and obstruct the flow of employees. For this reason alone, engaging the services of an experienced and professional office removalist would seem like an excellent idea. However, not all companies are confidently able to offer a full package in terms of the processed mentioned earlier. From the first moment of contact with us you will already feel the personal touch we are able to offer our clients and experience our passion to assist you to the best of our abilities. More importantly, we are committed to delivering your office furniture and apparatus safely and soundly and within a short period of time, so as to minimize the inconvenience for your business. You can expect us to be onsite after the close of a business day and set up and ready to go at the start of the next working day.

Guaranteed Safety

The first step towards deciding whether to select an office removalist over another is the efficiency in dealing with your enquiries. Most of the times, we prefer to offer this service onsite, so that we will be in a prime position to provide a final quotation including any extras that may be required, such as packaging material or storage, for example. Once that has been decided, we move forward with a temporary schedule, being flexible enough to meet your needs exactly as you desire them. Time is of the essence during office relocations, which is why we look out for your best interests with personal concern and actions. The last step into ensuring that the removal process goes smoothly is to monitor the transport by means of a tracking device fitted inside our delivery trucks. This way we can check the exact whereabouts of your cargo and keep you constantly updated with the progress.

One of our mottos, when handling heavy furnishings and supplies, is to guarantee maximum safety for all aspects of the operation, and this includes both objects and people involved in the move. We do not take chances with health and safety issues and fully comply with state regulations to ensure high standards are adhered to. All of our staff is fully qualified to perform the tasks related to the removal and we take pride in our commitment to satisfy our customers.

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Whilst the handling an delivery part of the removal is deemed to be vital to the overall success of the operation, we also spend a lot of time and energy into ensuring that the planning of the entire project is coordinated in such a way as to take all factors into consideration. This includes liaising with all office staff to make sure that they are fully aware of what to expect and the planned schedule of the handling, to minimize inconvenience and to allow normal progression of business. All items being loaded/unloaded are labeled so that they do not get mixed up with furniture and supplies from other offices or departments.

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