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If you need packing boxes to get started with your preparation we can help

Our packing & moving boxes products include:

  • Packing Boxes of multiple sizes
  • Moving Boxes for pre packing
  • Discounts on bulk purchases
  • See our 10 Free Boxes deal on the specials page.

Pre packing with our cheap packing boxes – Gold Coast

Depending on the type of items you want to remove from your house or office on the Gold Coast, we are able to supply, through years of experience handling all types of personal effects, all kinds of packing boxes, which include moving boxes, removal boxes and storage boxes. As you may imagine each box has a specific function, so will vary according to which moving boxes suit your requirements. These boxes were designed and continue to be adapted in accordance with modern technology and requirements. As our household and office furniture and accessories continue to evolve, we have also moved ahead with the times. Adaptation is the key to success, which is why we pride ourselves on offering a range of moving boxes to suit your needs.

We also offer a special deal with our moving boxes: 10 Free Boxes with every job of 3 hours or more booked! To take advantage of this offer simply call us on the number above.

What’s more, these boxes are provided for a very small cost when you decide to engage our services (Please check our cheap removals page for the latest deal). Now, moving, removing and storing your personal items within the Gold Coast has never been that simpler or cheaper and if it’s boxes your after then you are in the right place. If, however, you have decided to move the goods yourself or have even decided to recruit the services of another removalist or storage facility, we are still able to provide you with an array of packing boxes, which will certainly meet your goals. There is no limit to the type of item we are able to provide packing boxes for. Whatever you need we have the boxes you need!

As well as providing the necessary packing material for your immediate needs, we are also on hand to pack and/or unpack the items, so that you can sit back and relax whilst we do all the hard work. Apart from the physical exertion associated with packing, there is also the patience required to actually fit the goods into their respective boxes. Sometimes it makes no sense, which is why we are here for you. We shall have your items packed neatly and safely within no time at all and even handle the boxes, to save you the trouble of risking injury to yourself and others and damage to your sensitive accessories.

No matter how bulky or inconvenient your piece of furniture or article might be, we have the perfect solution depending on the type of handling your items will have to undergo. The strength, weight and durability of the boxes will all depend on whether you are simply moving accessories from one part of the house or office to another, relocating to another address within the Gold Coast or storing your goods for future handling. Each situation dictates a different type of packing box and we know exactly which type you need to allow peace of mind and safety to your goods and yourself.

You may enquire a quotation based on your needs, either by sending us an e-mail or by telephone. An inventory, together with dimensions for your items, would be enough for us to offer a quote but we are also on call to visit your location to be in a better position to offer our insight into what is required to complete the job in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

So remember if it’s packing boxes you need for your next move you can call us to arrange collection or delivery.

For packing boxes on the Gold Coast call: 07 5660 6113



Cheap Packing Boxes

We pride ourselves on providing valuable services to our customers and one of those services is supplying high quality packing boxes and moving bozxes to our Gold Coast customers. Contact us today for great deals and prices on Moving Boxes.