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Experts in Pool Table Removals and Piano Removals

We specialise in both Pool Table and Piano Removals from the Gold Coast either locally or interstate. Don’t settle for second best when moving these heavy items, phone us today to discuss your move and get the experts in pool table and piano removals to move your items with care. We are centrally based on the Gold Coast and do furniture removals throughout Queensland and Australia.

Pool Table Removals services include:

  • Local Pool Table Removals Gold Coast
  • Interstate Pool Table Removals
  • Pool Tables of all sizes removed with care

Piano Removals Removals services include:

  • Local Piano Removals Gold Coast
  • Interstate Piano Removals
  • Piano of all sizes removed by experts

Dealing with Heavy Furniture

Having to deal with relocation’s or deliveries of heavy furniture such as pool tables or pianos could be a logistical nightmare for many people, especially if they don’t have experience in moving heavy furniture. Having the right packaging material, the sheer manpower needed to handle and carry the objects, together with the type of transport required all pose potential issues which could hijack the entire project, which is why you need to be prepared to call upon a removals company that has experience in moving heavy furniture.

The abundance of removalists companies around the Gold Coast area should not deter you from sourcing one which possesses the entire package to suit your exact requirements. Whilst removing basic items is, in itself, a task involving much planning and resourcefulness, handling heavy items, such as pool tables or pianos is another kettle of fish entirely. You would not want these prized belongings to undergo a barrage of knocks and to pose a danger to those handling them.

Our experience dealing with heavy furniture

Our vast experience in the removalist business allows us to inspect the items beforehand and to set out a plan for the most efficient and safest way to pack, handle, transport and unpack your heavy furniture within a limited time period, as we understand the urgency of collection and delivery times.

Our removals company is Gold Coast based and is equipped with specialized lifting equipment and basic “know how”, which makes it safe for us to life heavy furniture like pool tables and perform piano removals. We understand the importance of value of these items (both pool tables and pianos are expensive, we know!) and will treat them with the utmost respect from the moment we collect them until the point of delivery. No risks are taken and all steps followed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency to get the job done in a professional and timely manner.

The most important part of any removal operation is the guarantee that all heavy furniture involved will be delivered to their point of destination without any damage. This allows peace of mind to the owner, who can place his trust in a company that assumes full responsibility for their actions. We also offer insurance for factors beyond our direct control.

All of our Gold Coast removals crew are highly trained removalists, with years of experience in lifting heavy items like pianos. They are qualified in health and safety procedures which satisfy the requirements of the local state regulations and are also deeply motivated by any task they are assigned to. It would be safe to assume that your personal effects are treated with the utmost respect and affection by all our staff. Whether they are faced with staircases or tight corners our team of removalists have the solution to any potential hiccup. This is mainly due to the original assessment when first viewing your removals job site.

Our Gold Coast Piano Removal team are ready for all piano removals and other items such as pool tables or any lrage items. GRC Removals offer an affordable quotation within a maximum of 3 hours post-inspection. This will give us the time to formulate a detailed plan of action to benefit both of our needs and expectations.

Call us now for an inspection or quotation on your pool table or piano removal job on the Gold Coast.

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